Wild Swimming at Tavy Cleave


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     A visit to Agatha Christie’s holiday home

      Enjoy a traditional cream tea

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Create a beautiful button and bead heart

Create a beautiful button and bead heart

This craft has many applications, the only limit is your imagination! So we're starting with creating a button and bead heart. As you can see from the image, this is made up of red buttons and beads.  You can also have fun with this by raiding craft stores for...

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10 craft projects for Halloween

Whether you're having a party and want some decor, or need to keep your kids entertained, here are some crafty things I've gathered to give you some ideas. Have fun and happy halloween! 1. Butternut Squash SkullsYou may be used to carving pumpkins, but turning a...

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One minute fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood

Originally published in 2011 Having recently rediscovering how much I enjoyed pen and ink drawing and creating a little red riding hood picture I decided to go one step further and turn this into an animation.  I like things to have a USP (unique selling point!)...

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Wild Swimming at Sharrah Pool

Floating on my back I felt the warmth of the sun on my face as the river’s current turned me in slow circles on my lazy drift downstream. A blue damselfly danced in the air inches from my face before joining others along the riverbank. Turning to watch them I realised...

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Enjoy a cream tea in the South West of England

A cream tea at the Two Bridges Hotel, Dartmoor By Gillian Adams Do you take cream or jam first? This may seem like an unusual question, but it's one that is hotly debated in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, which lie in the South West of England. The traditional...

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