10 Halloween craft projects

Whether you’re having a party and want some decor, or need to keep your kids entertained, here are some crafty things I’ve gathered to give you some ideas.

Have fun and happy halloween!

1. Butternut Squash Skulls
You may be used to carving pumpkins, but turning a butternut square upside down and carving out a face is just as scary!

2. Candy Corn Wreath
Create a colourful wreath using candy corn.

3. Cute Candy Wrappers
Wrap up your candy bars in these spooky covers made from card.

4. Black Cat Pillows
A simple idea to enhance your interiors, by taking black pillows and sewing on buttons and thread to create cat faces.

5. Emoji Ghost Balloons
Use stickers and paper to create these fabulous ghost balloons – they’re sure to brighten up any themed room!

6. Handprint Skeleton
Great fun for children, using handprints and cotton buds. You could try using green paint and create monster hands!

7. Monster Rocks
Another fun idea for children. Find some rocks in your garden and paint them as monsters.

8. Bat Corner Bookmarks
An origami project, folding paper to create bat bookmarks.

9. Halloween Darkdala
Colour yourself spooky with this Halloween themed colouring page.

10. ‘The Birds’ Cake Toppers
A celebration isn’t complete with cake, so create a spectacle with this cake topper inspired by horror movie, The Birds.


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