I’m Gillian and live in the beautiful county of Devon, in the South West of England.

Gillian with her Dartmoor Landscapes colouring book. Photo © Penny Cross

Getting creative is one of my favourite things, as well as getting out and about in nature, and cake.

I spent many years trying to find my one true passion so my life would suddenly fall into place and doves would fly, angels would sing, etc. While I’m very happy for those that find their nirvana in this way, that’s not really me. I love trying out new arty things, playing around and seeing the results. “What happens if I do this?” That question is my passion. I’m a bit of a creative explorer!

Then, funnily enough, things did fall into place. The idea for this blog had been hovering around at the back of my mind for a little while, then suddenly coalesced into a firm idea. A place where I can bring all my disparate bits together. 

Art & Awe is my little corner of universe where you’ll find posts on art and craft, as well as other areas, such as food, drink, and lifestyle. There are also Q&As from some lovely inspiring people.

The ‘simple pleasures’ part of my blog is based on me trying to simplify my life, do more of what I enjoy and reducing my environmental footprint.

Quite often I feel overwhelmed by the ‘noise’ of society, so I’m trying to find my calm within the storm of modern life; discovering awe and wonder in the everyday.

So sit here and rest awhile, and enjoy the ideas and inspiration.