I don’t like to have favourites. I love each one of my colouring books, but my new book, 5 Ways to Colour Yourself Happier, is very special to me.

Having lived with the rollercoaster ride of stress and  anxiety for many years, I’ve taken the techniques which helped me and turned them into colouring pages.

My highest hope for this book is that it will help, in some small way, to bring a light into the darkness for people dealing with this illness.

Book description:

A supportive colouring book to help ease worry and stress. 
Drawing on her own experiences of living with stress and anxiety, the artist offers positive statements as colouring pages, based on techniques which she found helpful. 
There are five sections, with five colouring pages in each. 
• Positive affirmations 
• Practicing gratitude 
• Getting active 
• Looking after yourself 
• Mandalas for relaxation 
There is also a bonus ‘My Path to Happiness’ action sheet to colour, which you create from action points found at the start of each section. 
By making small changes over time, you can turn the negative in positive and become happier. 

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