Originally published in 2011

Having recently rediscovering how much I enjoyed pen and ink drawing and creating a little red riding hood picture I decided to go one step further and turn this into an animation. 

I like things to have a USP (unique selling point!) so decided to tell the story in one minute. This also seemed like a reasonable time limit for my second animation using anime studio debut software. I’m trying to give myself more achievable targets!

On using this software more I think it’s a really good programme for beginner’s animation and very reasonable too – under £25 on Amazonlast time I looked! (Note: there are two different versions – MAC and PC.)

I used a mixture of my illustrations scanned in and a few close ups drawn on the computer.

So here it is with more information on my process below.



PS: it is one minute long – youtube added a second onto the end for some reason!

Creating the animation on my MacBook:

1. Write the story/script and cut it down until it’s around 55 seconds when read out. 

2. Record the story (I used Garage Band) and break down each sentence into seconds.

3. I created a few sheets of A4 paper with nine rectangles on it and used this to storyboard what I wanted to happen in each scene. I found that this was the most important bit and took a bit of time thinking up different ideas of how I could things. I also tried to create scenes where I could re-use backgrounds so I didn’t have draw new for each one.

4. From the storyboard I wrote two lists – one for backgrounds/still objects and the other for characters/close ups and anything needing animating.

5. I got drawing with my pen and ink and also a Bamboo graphics tablet in the animation programme Anime Studio Debut (AS). I scanned my drawn images in and cut them all out in Gimp which is a free Photoshop type of programme. 

6. Then I created the animated characters. For example, for the wolf, in Gimp I cut out different parts, three for each leg, three body parts, tail, head and ears – 18 parts total. Then I put all of these into AS to make bones and an animated character. (I won’t go into that here as there are plenty of tutorials already online).

7. Using all of the elements I’d created I worked my way through the storyboard. Once I was happy with each scene I exported everything and pulled it all together in iMovie.

8. I created opening and ending credit images in Gimp.

9. In Garage Band I added some guitar for the opening and end credits to the story voice soundtrack.

10. In iMovie I added the two credit images and soundtrack.

11. After watching it a few times and making small tweaks, I walked away for a couple of days. When I returned to it I was really pleased with the result and after a final tweak uploaded it to youtube.

TIME: I didn’t time myself but would guess at around 40 hours.

© Gillian Adams 2011